“Why do I have to complete a survey?”

I think that everyone thought “Why do I have to complete all these surveys to get the hack?” Wright? Well, today I’m going to answer to your question. We need you to complete these surveys because we need to pay the server costs. Please understand us. After all, we don’t win anything, we make the hack, we pay the server costs… So please understand that we need these surveys to pay the server costs, otherwise this site can’t exist. Thank You for having patience to read this and we hope that you understand why we need to add surveys to these hacks. Soon, many more hacks will come, so stay tuned!

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18 Responses to “Why do I have to complete a survey?”

  1. Will says:

    I spent 3.5 hours completing those surverys for a castle clash activation key. When I was done I still didn’t get any download.

    • gameshackingtools says:

      You have to complete the offers with real data, otherwise the file will not be unlocked

      • Will says:

        I did. One for Apple Ipad and one for Disney Movies, real data. The apple one require an additional 2 surveys which I also completed.

      • experian says:

        its not workk… its said that ” an offer is not available for your country” damn it…. every a tried to download this hack tool from every sites its always the same results…. “an offer is not available for your country”

  2. zak says:

    yeah i did the one for Jurassic park for about 2 hrs on mcdonalds gift card and i still dont have anything…this is really startin to make me mad…

    • gameshackingtools says:

      If you completed it correctly it should work… Try another one, maybe it’s an error. I’m sorry that you wasted so much time…

  3. mani says:

    its really makes me irritating, those surveys they never work .. i tried it for real soccer 13 , real racing 3 , and now for fifa 14 .. i am unable to download plz email me if u have something .. i am missing all that fun without hack.. thanks

    • gameshackingtools says:

      If you will try to download one of our hacks you will see that the surveys from here work from the first time if you complete them with real data.

  4. Siobhan says:

    I have taken 14 freaking surveys and still no hack app tool has been given to me. whats the deal with this?? help me out on why I cant gain access to this tool

  5. Trevor says:

    I tried to download the Castle Clash hack tool. I completed the offer with real data but it didn’t work. I tried all the other offers and the same thing happened. im not happy.

    • gameshackingtools says:

      I think you closed the survey window too fast after you completed. You have to wait 1 minute for the download to start. Try to complete it again, but this time wait more before closing the window. Thank you for your understanding

  6. Caleb says:

    Hello, I’m 13 and i do not have a phone or anything to finish these surveys could you perhaps Send me the Monster legends Hack and Dragon city Hack to my email cdebo9@hotmail.com

  7. maark says:

    Seriously a bunch of ads, bs, and malware. Take forever and in circles to fill those out to only wind up with nothing. Not sure they have any hacks, just people saying they do so they can shove a bunch of CRAP in your face. Id rather just pay for it. Wonder if they ever thought of that. a cheat for sale. Now theres an idea jerk-offs

  8. phi says:

    can the hack tool to be apload in 4shared, mediafire, tusfile, uploaded, mega or any site who doesn’t require survey?

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